Creative Ways to Use Scarves

A scarf is a versatile accessory that can be worn in numerous ways. There are an endless amount of styles and colors to choose from, and nearly all can be paired with both casual and career clothing. In addition, there are plenty of ways to use pretty scarves as home accessories as well. Here are a few ideas of how to use scarves effectively at home and with any wardrobe.

Accessorizing an Outfit With a Scarf

Cover up a bad hair day with a bright scarf or twist the scarf and make it into a hair bow or ponytail wrap.
Drape a large scarf over one shoulder and pin in place.
Learn one of the hundreds of ways to loop, drape, and knot a scarf around the neck.
Tie a small scarf on a wrist as a bracelet or the foot as an ankle bracelet.
Accessorize a handbag by tying it into a bow on one of the straps.
Attach a scarf to the loops on a camera and use it as a camera strap.
Sew several scarves together to make a skirt to cover up a bathing suit at the beach or knot one large one over a hip.
Thread a long scarf through pant loops to make a belt.

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Using a Scarf as Home Decor

Sew several together and make a window valance.
Drape a scarf over a table to make a billowy table cloth.
Sew two scarves together and stuff with fiberfill to make throw pillows.
Frame several scarfs individually and hang together on one wall.
Use a scarf to cover unattractive lampshades.

A single scarf can have a dozen (or more) uses. Every wardrobe will benefit from the addition of this inexpensive and versatile accessory. Most fashion experts will suggest having a collection of several scarves in every closet. Try to choose a variety of designs, including subtle colors, bold options and neutral solids. Make certain there is also variety in the materials, like a few gauzy lightweight versions as well as a more substantial cotton or knit scarf as well. By having a diverse collection it will be possible to accessorize any outfit or add a touch of color to any home.

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